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Case Study: Transforming Online Product Discovery for Hardware and Tools store

Case-studies Smart Search

The hardware and tools e-commerce industry faces specific hurdles in its online sales efforts, such as a large number of items with complex characteristics, a wide pricing difference between basic and professional tools, different customer needs and preferences.


To provide a user-friendly and efficient way for customers to find the products they need, especially for stores with large catalogs, and to increase conversions and sales.


Kea Labs Smart Search offers a solution to these challenges with its key features, including:

  • Automatic suggestions for inexperienced customers to refine their search criteria and narrow down results
  • Automatic filters to help customers find products by their characteristics, such as size, color, and material
  • Support for vendor codes and part numbers for professional customers
  • Handling of synonyms and slang for different keywords
  • Profit-oriented approach to understand brand priorities, measure margin, and evaluate potential profit from selling the product
  • Easily adjustable to specific business needs through API


Kea Labs Smart Search improved the customer experience for hardware and tools e-commerce store by making it easier for them to find exactly what they need. As a result, the stores were able to increase conversions and sales, leading to a measurable increase in revenue.


The previous search service resulted in lower engagement and conversions, but with the implementation of Kealabs Smart Search, there has been a significant improvement in these metrics.
  • With 49-55% of engaged visitors now using the search function, the store has seen a noticeable increase in customer engagement and product discovery.
  • The conversion rate of visitors who used the search function was found to be 2.2 times higher compared to other engaged visitors, leading to a boost in sales.
  • The fact that up to 60% of items added to a shopping cart were found through the search function further underscores the effectiveness of Kea Labs Search.
  • On average, each visitor now makes 5 search queries, indicating that they are more confident in finding what they are looking for, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and repeat business.

Overall, the implementation of Kealabs' Smart Search has brought about a considerable improvement in the store's performance, with approximately 75% of visitors who made a purchase having used the search function while shopping for products.


Kea Labs Smart Search offers a valuable solution for hardware and tools e-commerce stores to improve online sales and increase revenue. With its user-friendly and efficient features, it makes it easy for customers to find exactly what they need, leading to improved customer satisfaction and increased conversions and sales.
A customer using Kea Labs Smart Search to find the desired hardware or tool product, optimizing the e-commerce shopping experience
A customer using Kea Labs Smart Search to find the desired hardware or tool product, optimizing the e-commerce shopping experience