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Unlocking the Power of Visual Recommendations and Search for Jewelry Stores

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In our previous article, we discussed how a chain of jewelry stores improved their online recommendations by implementing Kea Labs Visual recommendations. To address the challenges of providing visually appealing and accurate product recommendations, they utilized two Kea Labs products: advanced product recommendations with personalization and visual recommendations. However, the store wanted to take it a step further and address the same challenges in their search functionality. They decided to replace their search service with Kea Labs' search service to create a cohesive user experience. In this article, we will showcase how this jewelry store improved their search functionality by implementing Kea Labs Search, and the results they achieved.

The challenges in the search functionality were similar to those in the product recommendations.With over 26,000 products across different price segments and complex business rules, the search results needed to consider the user's preferred price segment, product characteristics (metal, main stone, color of main stone), and occasion for purchase (engagement, wedding, birthday, etc.). Additionally, the store needed to provide visually similar recommendations in the search results to cater to the majority of their customers who choose products based on their appearance.

The search service was customized to match the store's branding and user interface, with an emphasis on visual appearance of products. This customization helped to create a more seamless experience for customers, as they were presented with a search interface that was easy to use and matched the look and feel of the rest of the store.

One feature of Kea Labs Search, which was especially useful in the store is automatic suggestions. Customers can refine their search criteria simply by selecting from a list of suggestions, rather than having to type out their entire search query. This results in a faster and more accurate search experience, leading to higher customer satisfaction. These suggestions are especially useful for mobile users, who made up 70% of their visitors.
The integration between Kea Labs Search and Kea Labs Visual Recommendations created a cohesive user experience. Customers could search for a product and immediately see visually similar items, providing them with a wide range of options to choose from. This integration also helped the store to further personalize the user experience, by taking into account the customer's past search and purchase history to provide more relevant results.
In conclusion, implementing Kea Labs Search helped the jewelry store to create a more streamlined and user-friendly search experience for their customers.

The integration of the search tool with the visual recommendations allowed customers to easily find visually similar products in just one click. The suggestions feature also proved to be useful, particularly on mobile, where customers often prefer to refine their search criteria without typing.

As a result of combining Kea Labs Smart Search with visual recommendations, search abandonment rate decreased 3 times. Among the segment of customers who used search, conversion rates increased by 35%, and the average order value (AOV) increased by 10%.

The success of both the Kea Labs Visual Recommendations and Smart Search tools highlights the importance of addressing the needs of different customer segments. While the visual recommendations helped customers who were primarily focused on the appearance of a piece of jewelry, the search tool was useful for customers who were focused on specific characteristics of a product. By implementing both services, the store was able to provide a holistic and personalized experience for all of its customers.