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10 Reasons Why Your E-commerce Conversion Rate is Low

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In our globalized world, one of the key ways of doing business is e-commerce. It allows people from all over the world to meet their needs on a single, universal platform at any time. These platforms explore the preferences of different people and offer a personalized selection of products. Most importantly, they increase their own profits. Conversion is one of the key metrics which reflects how well your store operates.
Conversion is the ratio of the number of site visitors who have performed any targeted actions on it to the total number of site visitors, expressed as a percentage. Measurements and increase of conversion rate are the key to a successful business.
Stages of conversion in e-commerce: visiting a website, searching for the desired product, adding an item to the cart, purchasing a product, saving an item for its subsequent purchase. You need to know that at each stage the number of visitors may decrease.
The most common reasons for low conversion:

1. The site is outdated or inconvenient to use

Probably the reason for the low rate of conversion is that your site is already out of date and unable to interest new users. It manifests itself in inconvenient navigation (for example, the absence of a competent exit pop-up). Visitors will not stay on the site if there are no filters to select products. You also need to work on the design of the Internet platform in order to create harmony between the content and the visual image (the viewer should admire the design).

Poor quality images

Pictures and videos of products should be clear, sharp and show the best side of the product. A picture usually speaks better than a description of a product.


Constantly pop-up (discounts, promotions) can only annoy visitors. They will just get annoyed and tired of closing them, and users will leave your site.

Inconvenient site search

Relevant search is the most important factor in turning visitors into customers. If the search engine does not find the products you need, does not have filters and is slow, the visitor is likely to leave the site. And accordingly, the conversion rate will not increase.
Kea Labs Smart Search solves this issue and and makes your search profitable, by rapidly and relevant search results, which understand user needs and evaluates your possible income from every sale.

Lack of trust

Metrics with a low conversion rate indicate a lack of customer trust. Users need to trust you. Using positive reviews from other customers will help you with this.

Lack of optimization for a mobile device

As you know, smartphones have long replaced computers. Most people prefer to use them. Therefore, everyone should have access to e-commerce on their phone. If your site is not mobile supported, you are losing a huge number of users. The fact that you can use any site anytime, anywhere attracts new customers.

Lack of shop-assistance

New users will definitely want to know the details about the site, products, promotions, etc. For this, special chats (pop-up) are created, where a visitor can ask a question and then immediately receive an answer. The absence of such a chat reduces the number of users.

Unacceptable price

Undoubtedly, many of you understand that you should not actively advertise expensive products. Most customers are interested in promotions, discounts and other great deals. Try to draw users’ attention to them (2 for the price of one, discount up to a certain number).

Problematic checkout

The amount of unwanted information about the product can also reduce the conversion rate. It will be convenient for users if you provide photos, basic information and delivery method. Don’t forget about reviews too!

Poor motivation

An obligatory marketing ploy is to motivate a visitor to buy a product. To do this, it is important to correctly use convincing words and slogans that will help significantly increase sales. The correct description with good motivation (and not intrusive advertising) is the key to high conversion.
The problem of low conversion rates is very significant. Any online store owner should study how a visitor uses the site, determine the stages of conversion loss, and find possible reasons. Optimize and continue to measure.